Ketevan Tsaava: ”In general, when you can not get the desired service, you feel the desire to do it yourself …”

Ketevan Tsaava: ”In general, when you can not get the desired service, you feel the desire to do it yourself …”

The abundance of innovative startups created in the pandemic reality and the diversity of services offered by them is no longer a surprise.

Today we will introduce you to one of the innovative Georgian startups – Targmany, which was founded by two friends – Ketevan Tsaava, Sales Manager of an international company, and Elene Skhirtladze, a lawyer.

The innovative platform created by them gives them the opportunity to translate, notarize the text and deliver it to the desired place as if it is not directly related to the professions. In addition, other translation services are available, including translation of audio and video material, simultaneous and consistent translation.

Ketevan and Elene implemented the idea remotely with their own finances. The girls think the startup will develop even more in the future, especially in the post-pandemic period, where it is likely that many companies, whether fully or not, will at least partially continue to operate remotely.

Ketevan Tsaava (co-founder of translation service agency Targmany):

“In general, when you do not get the desired service, you want to do it yourself. We also wanted to provide the services we offer to our customers today: flexibility and quality. Targmany is a startup created during the pandemic. As soon as we analyzed that the pandemic required digitalization of processes, the need arose to receive services without leaving home, we began to work on the implementation of our idea.”

Ketevan Tsaava and her friend Elene Skhirtladze had the idea of ​​creating a translation agency for a long time. The work on the startup was also started remotely in order to take advantage of the pandemic period.

“Standing next to each other is really important. In this way, the difficulties and challenges on the way become exceeded. My friend and I had the idea of ​​setting up a translation agency much earlier, however, due to a busy schedule and lack of free time, unfortunately, we were not able to implement it. At the same time, we realized that in exchange for our free time, we needed to actively work on interesting ideas and have a positive impact on the pandemic.”

The online platform offers users to translate texts of different complexity and specificity into more than 25+ languages. Including the translation of medical and legal texts. Before a translated document can be sent to a customer, it goes through several stages. The platform is ready to help you even if you want to notarize the translated document and most importantly, deliver the certified document on the spot. The site also offers important tips for translators who want to improve the quality of their translations.

“We do not think that the implementation of our startup was risky, because we responded very quickly to the challenges that arose at the time and responded to the customer’s request to receive translation services without leaving home. The ban on transport has created some difficulties for us, but we tried our best not to reflect this process on the customers, and at this stage, we think, we have successfully coped. “

The platform already has corporate partners and regular users. Friends try to use the latest technologies to monitor customer feedback, to explore their needs, satisfaction, and desires.

“The number of satisfied users is increasing. Of course, we always know the wishes of our customers and try to take them into account. We have specific plans that we are actively working on and will try to implement in the near future. “Increased demand for remote services is a positive change caused by the pandemic.”

The service on the site is simple and completely remote. To do this, you need to contact the Targmany team, send the document you need to translate, and a team of highly qualified professionals will send the translated document to you on time.