What Platforms Are Relevant for Your Business Today and Why? 

What Platforms Are Relevant for Your Business Today and Why? 

Over the last couple of decades, social media platforms have become the most relevant part of society’s life. The 21st century has gone through a major technological revolution, in which the result has become the inability to live without technology. Social media platforms have taken over the lives of all generations, and some of the most familiar names are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok. Each platform plays a big role in consumer attraction but all in unique ways. For example, Facebook has been around for almost two decades and continues to be a main source of information, engagement, and productivity for older generations, with 2,910 million users around the world (as of January 2022). Twitter allows one to easily communicate with others in a public setting and have open discourse, one that can be critical to the improvement of a company. Twitter has around 436 million users worldwide. Instagram, although bought out by Facebook, provides a new and different experience for the user in a strictly visual based context as it allows for several nuanced ways of engaging with stories and posts, with 1,478 million users monthly. Similarly, through visually based content, Tik Tok allows for an easy and engaging way of sharing information and connecting with others as users upload short videos. Tik Tok has 1,000 million engagers monthly around the world. Each of these social media platforms have their own unique way of engaging users and building a strong community. These kinds of tight knit communities are exactly what startup companies need as they build a loyal customer base, however it is also important to know what kind of audience your company appeals to. When truly understanding the psyche of your consumers, it is much easier to connect with them and build their trust.

Accessibility to clientele is as crucial to a new brand as the product itself. As a startup company kicks off, criticism will arise as customers start to consume the product. Taking feedback into consideration is a necessary component of building a brand, and through social media, companies can not only build brand awareness, but a loyal customer base as well. Social media has become one of the most powerful tools to help connect and engage with people from all over the world; this tool is also key to brand expansion. As a business is in its beginning stages as a secure and trusted brand, it is of utmost importance to grow a trustworthy reputation. Accessibility and communication with consumers are key to ensuring trust among them, and this tight knit community is done effortlessly as well as efficiently through social media platforms. Taking into consideration not only the most used social media in Georgia, which would be Facebook with 97.42% usage, but the social medias that are most popular internationally, so that you can further expand your business outside the country and overseas. So, what are the most relevant platforms to advertise a business on?

Tips and Tricks for Entrepreneurs


A Social Media Team

Having a social media team allows easy accessibility for customers to reach out to your brand about inquiries, feedback, and any concerns with the product. It is important to take this point of access to customers seriously, and to have people in the company dedicated to customer service; through social media, there can be easy access to customers that already use these platforms daily. When a brand shows their presence on social media that consumers use every day, it is immensely easier for those consumers to follow what is going on in the company, what new products are being released and to communicate directly with the brand. This requires constant activity on social media so that customers have new material to consume, without an active social media presence, it is a lot harder to maintain a good following, loyal customers and receive necessary feedback for products. When consumers feel heard, whether it be positive or negative feedback, they are encouraged to interact more, this is exactly the goal of a new company who is trying to build trust within its customers. However,  it is also important to remember that being systematic does not mean posting 10 times a day, because in this case you lose the engagement by spamming the consumer’s feed.


Knowing the appeal

Categorizing consumers based on age, interests, or accessibility can help make connections with them more personable. For example, we see that Facebook is mostly used among older generations and the way in which information is spread (specifically in the business perspective) on Facebook is more appealing to ages in the mid 30s and above. Similarly, Twitter has been around for quite a while– and surprisingly has a wide variety of age groups in active users, ranging from early 20s to late 40s. Instagram and Tik Tok are both widely seen to be mostly used among millennials and Gen Z’s, as those generations tend to be more tech savvy. Knowing what age group your product appeals to most and then taking advantage of that age groups mostly used social media platform can and will best help your business connect with your customers and approach them in a way that they are most comfortable with. Twitter, in Georgia’s day and age is used more for politically active consumers—so based on what kind of business you have, you can find ways to incorporate topics that are being talked about daily on Twitter to your company and have open discourse on products your company sells, and why it may be beneficial to a consumer. This method is a great way to raise brand awareness! Instagram and Facebook are a lot easier to work with when the goal is physically sell products. Facebook contains a more serious audience, however Instagram is a more playful environment, so taking advantage of both platforms can be very beneficial to your business. Lastly, Tik Tok is a phenomenal way to advertise and market while gaining following and brand awareness because people are getting lazier in reading long articles and would rather watch short videos that are efficient in getting the message across.


Building relationships with influencers in the industry

Don’t underestimate the power of influencers on social media– their fan bases are loyal and trusting, so partnerships are key to good marketing and getting your brand’s name out there! Building partnerships with influencers on social media requires you to know your audience well too, influencers have fans based on similar interests to what they portray on the internet so knowing which influencers to reach out to is important. A brand deal partnership is beneficial for both parties so make sure you make the most of it! The fame of influencers ranges from a couple thousands to millions so interacting with those that have just the right amount of exposure in society can be a gamechanger for your company. For example, a startup makeup brand will probably best work with girl bloggers or influencers who have a strong following on whatever platform they use. Even if an influencer has a few thousand followers, those followers tend to be the most loyal since they have been with the influencer’s journey from the beginning. These kinds of followers are also more trusting of startup companies and help generate a good foundation for customers.


Marketing Skills

If you are unable to secure a brand deal with an influencer, do not worry! There is a lot that can be achieved with good promotion of a company. The more you advertise and promote your brand name, the more attention it will receive; however, the way in which you approach this matter is very important. Every customer has their own personal tie to the company and why they support it, these personal connections is exactly what makes a brand stronger, so you must consistently appeal to the consumers ethos, logos, and pathos. How may one do this you may ask? By connecting the appeal of emotions, logic, and credibility of a costumer, you automatically resolve any questions or doubts as to why they should not spend their time and money in your company. The more appealing and accessible your company is, more positive feedback and strong customer base will come along.



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