Tinatin Papiashvili: “We do what we love…”

Tinatin Papiashvili: “We do what we love…”

They say, “ Seek and you’ll find” – if you truly believe in this and are looking for a job, then you will definitely be interested in the first-ever Georgian online working platform Hiring.ge.

The startup was established by Tinatin Papiashvili during the pandemic and has brought job seekers and employers together on one platform.

The goal of the company is to improve the digital communication between the employee and the employer, which is reflected in the simplification and transitioning fully into the online process of employment.

other than putting out vacancies on the website one can also upload their resume, subscribe to pre-coming announcements according to one’s chosen city, the field of expertise, profile, salaries, and so on. As well as this, the applicant will have their own profile on the website, where after all the different stages of the vacancies the applicant gets notifications automatically.

As for the companies, the website offers them to brand and personalize their own pages. In addition to that, the companies will benefit from the comprehensive calendar module, meaning allocating the interviews on distance as well as the possibilities of time modifications.

Tinatin Papiashvili is an IT project manager, first, she studied mathematics, later got a Masters’s Degree in Economy. For 10 years she worked in the public sector and simultaneously giving lectures at Ilia State University. Throughout the years she has switched jobs a few times and during the process of searching for new jobs, she has been using different platforms.

The experience that Tintin has gained on the Georgian HR market has made her think about existing problems that she has come across.

Problems with the security of the information, Lack of compliance with EU regulations, lack of common space, and lack of additional services – these are just a few of the problems.

This is how the idea of creating an online job platform was born, together with friends Vano Narimanidze and Giorgi Gvasalia.

“As there was no product on the Georgian market that would fit in one place, fully cover and make the employment process remote and automated from the announcement of the vacancy to the employment of the applicant, so we decided to be the first to create such a product. the idea first appeared in December of 2019. Soon after that, the pandemic has taken over the world. of course, there were some risks, especially now during these economical conditions and challenges that the country faces today, however, we tried and did everything to turn the idea into a reality. ”

Hiring is Interesting for both job seekers and employer companies. The aim of the startup is to help job seekers find the desired vacancy, and for the companies – to find staff. Promoting employment is important for Tinatin Papashvili and her team. At Hiring, this process is simplified, saves time and money, as well as the platform, is protected and transparent by compatibility with modern standards such as EU data protection regulation. – GDPR.

“It is an innovative fact, that we plan on being transparent and also protect ourselves from data falsification by integrating the Blockchain technology. The Blockchain will be used on the site where there is personal, sensitive, or important information, the confirmation of which in the blockchain will increase credibility. Such information is, for example, work experience and education. “

In the Georgian HR market, there are frequent cases when job seekers do not receive rejection notifications from companies; It will be possible to automatically send this type of message to the applicants on the portal. As Tinatin says, it is especially interesting for companies to fully electronic and automate the hiring process through mobile phones, through which the publication of vacancies, selection of applicants, calendar management system, online interviews, offering analytical services – is fully automated.

“The level of activity is quite high. As you know, quite a few people lost their jobs during the pandemic. Consequently, the number of users of both the unemployed and employment platforms has increased. We believe that the platform, after the end of the pandemic, will become more in demand for employers. We hope that the number of jobs will gradually increase.”

“We do what we love” – the user who enters the website is informed about the startup with these words. Along with their favorite job and business, Tatia and her friends share their knowledge and professional experience through the platform as well as promote the introduction of innovative standards in the country.