Tatia Khaindrava: “The field of remote services allows you to optimize risks and investments …”

Tatia Khaindrava: “The field of remote services allows you to optimize risks and investments …”

Lots of people are looking for a gift every day. We choose a gift for a family member, a friend, and even for complete strangers. This responsible, difficult, and time-consuming process requires a lot of free time and a lot of effort. The startup that you will be introduced to now will help you save time and choose the best gift.

At Wowchy, the first online Georgian gift card platform, you can easily select gift cards of famous brands without leaving home. Pay online, choose special card packaging on the website, attach individual text and receive the gift at the desired address.

The company started operating in September 2020, during the pandemic period and today it already cooperates with more than 40 brands.

Wowchy founder Tatia Khaindrava tells us that starting a startup, especially during the pandemic, was fraught with difficulties, but the remote mode and access to online services made the relationship between Wowchy and its customers easier.

Tatia Khaindrava (Founder of Wowchy online gift platform):

“Start a business that requires minimal investment. The field of technology and remote services allows you to optimize risks and investments. The main thing is to choose the right team during this difficult period, who will be as much in love with the work as you are.

Startups often have to work on unregulated schedules. And if you do not love what you do, it will be difficult to succeed. “

This advice from Tatia Khaindrava is for women who want to turn their ideas into business. Wowchy is already a favorite activity for her and shep plans for the startup development and expansion. Soon, in addition to the website, there will also be an app. However, before Wowchy there was one special occasion that also connected us to special people – friends.

“It was very difficult for me to choose a birthday gift for a friend. There were queues everywhere in the shops, and after a break from work, I could not select and buy a gift card of the desired brand. That’s when I came up with the idea of ​​creating a voucher and shared it with Gio, who helped me implement it. “

After sharing the idea with a friend, the site www.wowchy.ge was created, which offers gift vouchers for gift brands of famous brands operating in Georgia. Gift vouchers for birthdays, weddings, children’s birthdays, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, 8th of March, Christmas, and other special days can be found on this site. The courier will deliver the existing vouchers to the desired place in the presented categories: “Technology”, “Dress”, “Accessories”, “Home”, “Self-Care”, “Kids”, “New Year”, “Made in Georgia”, “Books”.

“Choosing a gift requires a lot of free time and energy, so it is difficult to find a gift that the recipient will really like and use. Giving money is a banal, outdated gesture. The voucher was created to make this difficult and disorganized process as simple as possible and comfortable for people. “

Why Wowchy? – In addition to avoiding unnecessary costs for the consumer, during a pandemic, shopping for a voucher without a blanket and standing in line becomes comfortable. However, there is one more detail – we will no longer be threatened with “regifting” of the gift.

“You know for sure that the gift card you give, will be used by the addressee, unlike the many incorrectly selected gifts that are eagerly awaiting someone else’s birthday to be” given away “- says Tatia.

The site was recently updated, Tatia and her partner Gio Lezhava changed the design of the site as a result of analyzing user behavior. They plan to expand the list of brands and fully digitize the product. An analog web application will be created. The startup currently has only physical vouchers, however, according to Tatia, a digital card will be added to the platform soon. Which will be convenient for partner companies as well.

The recipient will receive a gift voucher with a beautifully decorated e-mail or message and will buy the next gift with a QR code. Obviously, we will leave the physical card as well. We think our service will become even more effective. This news will be convenient for the partners as well, everyone has the appropriate system, and at the same time, they will save some resources. “

Georgian emigrants are also users of Wowchy, it was especially convenient for them to make gifts for the people they miss, through the voucher platform.   Tatia and her team try to adapt as much as possible to the wishes of the customers. She recalls one occasion when, due to delays in the delivery service during the New Year period, she would hand out gift cards herself, and her husband would help her.

“Delivery service during the New Year was problematic throughout the country due to delays and large volumes of orders, so in order to provide a comfortable and uninterrupted service to our customers, we often had to do deliveries on our own during this period”

Tatia has a lot of ideas about the startup. In addition to fully digitizing the product, it intends to offer Shared Wallet to customers. Which will make the gift buying process even more enjoyable with friends and co-workers.

“Often, friends or co-workers buy gifts and have to transfer money to the one’s account who will pay the full amount. The “Common Wallet” will have one account, where all selected individuals will be able to transfer money.

This will make our platform even more user-friendly. “

As Tatia says, Wowchy is going through important stages of development, the design of the site and packaging are changing, the number of offers is increasing and, most importantly, partner companies are being added to the startup on a daily basis. This is a prerequisite for choosing the best gift for the customer from a variety of offers.