The Role of Digital Communications in Modern Business

The Role of Digital Communications in Modern Business

What is the purpose of digital channels?

The business can give digital channels a purpose – they can be used to increase awareness, increase the loyalty of loyal customers, increase sales, etc. Ultimately, the main purpose of all these goals is to strengthen the company and bring financial stability.

Why is the use of digital channels important for business?

Unlike other marketing sources, digital media gives businesses much more opportunity and, most importantly, much cheaper options. Digital platforms allow direct interaction with people, give you much more feedback on your product or service, help you improve them, and more. One of the major mistakes that businesses make is blocking people’s critical thinking and constantly taking a defensive stance. Of course, I do not rule out that customer feedback may sometimes be dictated by personal motives and not an objective attitude. However, the business should be interested in and respond to the views around it.

I have often seen posts from dissatisfied customers and zero feedback from businesses; this makes me, as an existing or potential customer, feel that this business does not care about what people think.

In addition to interacting, social media gives you quite detailed information to measure your campaign’s success. You know exactly – whom did you reach, what reaction you caused, what worked and what did not, which strategy is more justified, etc. You can also reach the audience that is important to you if you target the right advertisement.

Which digital channels are appropriate to use in Georgia?

Georgia is one of the most active countries in the region and Europe regarding social media use. However, we also have some social platforms that have gained more popularity than others.

Often, businesses use all social media platforms and place the same content across all these platforms, which is clearly a wrong strategy. First of all, business representatives need to define the target audience and the main task and start selecting platforms and running campaigns accordingly.

Today, Facebook is the largest social network. However, the age distribution is such that we can freely call it the Millennial Social Network. Simultaneously, Tik-Tok turned out to be a more interesting platform for the generation Gen Z.

Accordingly, the platform should be selected based on the task, and the campaign strategy should be written accordingly.

Five Important Tips to Consider When Using Digital Channels? (When building a business)

A. First, set a goal and determine exactly what you want to achieve. This will help you not to lose focus and allow your employees to understand what they work for.

B. Define the target audience according to the task, get insights, and plan a campaign for this target audience. Among them, the mass product needs to be targeted, and a core audience needs to be identified;

C. Experiment and observe performance, maybe even a simple component – reducing content time, adding color, adding character, minimal audience change – will give you maximum effect;

D. Have defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and always measure your success in numbers. Social media platforms allow you to do this;

E. Be honest – in my observation, nothing is more like social media than sincerity. Are you mistaken? – Do not take a defensive position; recognize and change the strategy. Did something go well for you? – Do not hesitate to talk about it. Adapt to change and challenges. Everyone makes mistakes, and the temptation to give up is great, but after the biggest failures usually come the biggest successes.

Author: Mariam Bajelidze, Head of Digital Communications at Formula TV