Women Entrepreneurs from the UK

Women Entrepreneurs from the UK

One of the best places to start your business – if you are planning to create a new company across Europe and looking for an easy way and fertile ground for this venture, then in the process of searching, you will find the UK in the list of business-friendly countries. Robust infrastructure, simplified procedures, and a flexible tax system give entrepreneurs more opportunities to start, manage and develop their own business. The number of women entrepreneurs in the UK has been growing more and more in recent years, but this number’s growth rate remains one of the main challenges in the country. The increase in the number of women entrepreneurs has mostly made their role in developing the country’s economy even more apparent. Numerous examples of this are the women entrepreneurs who hold leading positions in the UK business sector today and about whom you will surely hear exciting stories.

According to the latest data published by UENI, one of the consulting companies in London, out of 22 257 surveyed businesses, about 7205 are initiated by women, which is a percentage of 32.37%. According to the same source, these figures are a remarkable leap since four years ago, the number of female entrepreneurs was only 17%. Gaining funding, gender bias, fear of failure, lack of mentors are just a few of the problems we will find on the Business Support Invoice2go website, a list that the UK has been trying to address in various ways in recent years to support women entrepreneurs. Numerous networks have been set up for this purpose, where women give each other a significant boost by sharing inspirational ideas, tips, or stories. At the same time, the UK BLOG For Business & Startup reports that established successful women entrepreneurs fill the country’s economy with around 50 billion a year and tell various exciting stories about these successful women.

According to this source, the first place among successful women entrepreneurs in the UK is occupied by the international entrepreneur, speaker, author Monica Eaton-Cardone, who stands out among the UK and, not only, women entrepreneurs with her diverse opportunities and achievements. Monica Cardone today leads three world-renowned companies – the international technology company Global Risk Technologies, which provides risk mitigation and dynamic services to the tax industry, its subsidiary Chargebacks911, which helps customers avoid unnecessary business expenses or return lost revenue and a trade intermediary company eConsumer services. Monica started her professional development at a very young age, at the age of 12, very soon she became one of the highest-paid employees of the company and proved to everyone around her that age is just a number. She was 16 when he graduated from high school. She worked two jobs at the same time while studying in college. From the age of 19, she became more actively involved in the business sector, started several successful businesses, and, with time, the demand for her in this field gradually increased. However, the challenges and difficulties she faced in managing her own business at different times, Monica decided to look for ways to solve these problems and find ways to help others, which eventually turned into a successful business. She is also involved in charity, has launched an incentive program for students, and is helping them significantly in their career planning and life skills. Monica Cardone, along with many awards, was also named Global Leader of the Year at the 2019 London Women’s Awards Ceremony.

According to https://www.scampspeakers.co.uk/, among the 50 best women entrepreneurs in the world is the most influential female leader in the UK, Karren Brady, who today plays for West Ham United F.C. She is also an executive director, a politician, a TV star, a newspaper reviewer and a novelist. Born in London, Karen lives at the home of football club Tottenham Hotspur F.C. She was close to the field and her interest in sports comes from here. Karen was denied admission to a journalism course at Harlow College, after which she decided to start her own brand. A year later she joined the London Broadcasting Company as an executive at LBC Advertising Account, and after a successful career, at the age of 20, she became one of the directors of the British publishing firm Sports Newspapers. Despite many difficulties and obstacles, she managed to make her own mark in the field of sports and business – while at first the football club Birmingham City F.C. She has been in charge of West Ham United F.C., one of the leading football clubs in the Premier League since 2010. At the same time, she is the chief consultant of the British multimedia company Syco Entertainment and the managing director of the UK commercial organization UK plc on the London Stock Exchange. Karren Brady is considered one of the best motivational speakers in the world.

The list of successful female entrepreneurs is honored by Emma Kane, Strategic Communications Expert, CEO of SEC Newgate, Global Strategic Communications and Advocacy Group. Her company is listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market (AIM), operates across 31 countries and ranks among the top 30 agencies in the world. Emma Kane began her career development in 1986, when she was first employed by Dewe Rogerson, the largest financial and corporate communications company, and later headed the communications department at the financial news organization ProShare. She then headed the investment services of a brokerage, banking and financial advisory corporation, and later founded her own agency, Redleaf Communications, which expanded in 2018 to form the SEC Newgate Group, whose chief executive today is Emma Kane. In addition to entrepreneurship, Emma is passionate about the arts and is actively involved in charitable work – she is the chair of the charity Target Ovarian Cancer, and in July 2020 she joined the Elton John AIDS Board. Emma was included in the PR Week UK Power Book, the most influential PR guide in the UK in 2020.

The list of already successful female entrepreneurs published by UK BLOG For Business & Startup differs from the list you will find on the Beauhurst page of the intuitive data platform, although they all have in common that both of them write about successful female entrepreneurs in the UK. Beauhurst talks about successful businesses for women over 30.

Among them is one of the most successful female entrepreneurs in the UK, culinary star, blogger Ella Mills. The company Deliciously Ella, founded by her, is famous not only in the UK, but also in many countries around the world. It all started out pretty weird. Ella Mills was diagnosed in 2011 with postural tachycardia syndrome, which disrupts heart rhythm and causes problems with the digestive system. This diagnosis had a great impact on Ella, she decided to analyze her condition well and manage it. That is why she changed her lifestyle and acquired a diet. Having no experience in preparing diet dishes, being informed of various information, she started to produce a diary of her own culinary experiments, which eventually became the main key to her success. Ella very soon turned the amateur blog into a small empire that today includes the Deli app, a whole collection of recipe books, a series of podcasts, and a range of plant-based foods, and is in the focus of the entire social media community. The app, created by Ella’s company, won first place in the UK’s leading Food & Drink magazine. Today, Ella runs the company with a team of 50 people and is currently focused on innovative supplements, stabilizers, preservatives and food products that are distributed in supermarkets across the country.

Austrian Maya Pindeus, co-founder and CEO of HUMANISING AUTONOMY, an artificial intelligence company, has also been successful in the UK business. The company develops unique software for private vehicles that analyzes and predicts the behavior of pedestrians, which significantly reduces the risk of road accidents. Solving this problem has helped private cars work effectively, although this practice can also be applied to existing technologies, both in the UK and abroad. Although Maya Pindeus founded the company only in 2017, she is already working globally and leaving her significant footprint in technology development. The company attracted capital from all over the world, including from foundations and corporations such as: Anthemis Group, German fund Amplifier, Global Brain Corporation, Synapse Partners. Founder Maia Findus believes that starting a business in the UK has enabled her to build a valuable professional network, and that the company’s gender balance and age diversity are the key to her success.

These are just a few examples of the success that women in business have achieved. They are rewriting not only British but also world business history.